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Shane Black Coming to Iron Man's Rescue



    Once again, last week's rumor is this week's news--Shane Black is in final negotiations to direct "Iron Man 3," reported Deadline.

    Black has scripted several films over the past 24 years, including all four "Lethal Weapons," but it's his sole directorial effort, "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," that stands as his crowning achievement. Despite Black's experience as a screenwriter, it remains unclear who will write the script for "Iron Man 3."

    Before Black cast Downey in "Kiss Kiss," the actor was a mess who'd been in and out of rehab and prison, and couldn't land a decent part to save his life. Now Black is coming to save Downey yet again--ah, the circle of life...

    It's a shame that Jon Favreau's legacy is tainted by walking away from this franchise after No. 2, a film that left pretty much everyone feeling let down. But the fact is he breathed new life into the super hero genre in 2008 with the first film. At least Favreau is leaving of his own volition, having begged off "Iron Man 3" so he could direct "Magic Kingdom."

    New "Iron Man 2" Clip Begs the Question "Why Wasn't This Filmed in 3D?"

    [NATL] New "Iron Man 2" Clip Begs the Question "Why Wasn't This Filmed in 3D?"
    There's not a lot too this latest teaser except an eye-popping flight sequence that would surely look epic in 3D, though it does make us look forward to the first reports of "Iron Woman" strippers -- cuz that will happen.
    (Published Wednesday, May 30, 2012)

    "Iron Man 3" wil arrive May 3, 2013.