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Apple on 'Union Watch': CNET



    Managers of Apple retail stores are being given special training on being aware of unions and why employees organize.

    Apple store managers are being trained to watch for "how unions affect the workplace" this morning in a mandatory class, according to, who secured an internal Apple memo.

    The training comes only six weeks after an employee-led effort to unionize retail workers. That effort was stoked by complaints of break schedules, lower pay for part-time employees and "the selection and hiring process for internal candidates for open positions."

    A union doesn't necessarily guarantee any perceived or real work conditions would be addressed or changed. It would give the workers a seat at the table. Apple could continue it's standard operating procedures.

    In addition, Apple can campaign against a union, telling employees the company prefers to operate without one.

    There are more than 350 Apple retail stores around the world. Apple's retail stores opened more than 10 years ago, generating $14.12 billion in the last quarter alone.