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Google, Oracle Await Jury Verdict



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    Google CEO Larry Page was forced to testify in his company's defense.

    Lawyers for Google and Oracle gave their closing arguments in a lawsuit over allegations that the search giant infringed on Oracle's Java copyright and patents.

    The high profile suit between the two Silicon Valley titans is now in the hands of a jury, who will deliberate over the outcome.

    The lawsuit mostly centers around how Google allegedly used Oracle's copyright and patents involving Java in the Mountain View company's Android-powered phones.

    Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems in 2010 and in the process it obtained patents related to the computer language Java.

    Less than eight months later, Oracle sued Google in a San Francisco federal court alleging that Google's mobile operating system Android infringes on its patented Java technology.

    After failing to reach a settlement, a trial began on April 16. Both Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and Google CEO Larry Page were called to testify during the proceedings.

    Monday a judge sent the trial to a jury. There is no time line on when they may reach a verdict.