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Sexier Shopping via Google Catalogs App

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Sexier Shopping via Google Catalogs App

Free on iTunes, Google Catalogs brings together more than a few glossy ways to help separate you from your shopping budget.

Google continues its newsy week of newsiness with a new iPad app: Google Catalogs. OK, it's not as big as writing a $12.5,000,000,000 check for another company, but it proves that Google does know a thing or two about shopping.

The free digital-catalog round-up has "versions of catalogs across many popular categories," including LL Bean, Urban Outfitters, Williams-Sonoma and Saks, according to Google's official blog.

Features include a zoom, in-store inventory check and something called collages, where mixing and matching of favorite items from a few different catalogs is not only doable, but shareable.

The new app is available here on the App Store, and is coming soon to Android tablets.

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