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Prop Zero Links: Wednesday, June 16



    Joe Rosato Jr.
    A view of the solar array atop the Sunset Reservoir in San Francisco Sunset District. The array will cover 12 football fields when it's completed later this year.

    Everything Old Is Renewable Again: Back in the 1970s, Jerry Brown pitched some ideas about solar and wind power. He's back for another green go-round. [SF Gate]

    The GOP Heads West: California's days as a GOP "flyover" state are over. [LA Times]

    We're Counting on This:
    A bill before the U.S. Senate includes $1.8 billion in aid to California. That's money the state already included in its budgeting. [Sacramento Bee]

    The ABCs of SB 1381: It's the latest bill that would exclude 4-year-olds from kindergarten, and it passed the Senate. [Educated Guess]

    "Mama Grizzly" Feminism: Susan Rose of California Women Lead takes a look at "why some women candidates just aren't feminists." [Calbuzz]