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Kobe Bryant Can't Win (in the Eyes of Some Fans)



    (Published Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012)

    It doesn’t matter what Kobe Bryant does on the court: he can’t win.

    If Bryant scores 30 points in a game, he’s shooting too much. If he nets a mere 15 points, he’s not scoring enough.

    Even though Bryant is the best player in the game, some fans, and rivals alike, will never be satisfied.

    He’s in a situation now where he has to do what needs to be done for the Lakers to be competitive, and if that means taking the reins, so be it.

    Point guard Steve Nash is expected to return to the court by Christmas, which begs the questions: Could one guy make the difference, and turn around a largely lackluster Lakers?

    When that one guy is Bryant, he’s criticized. But will Nash be that one guy?

    We’ll know by the answer by the middle of January, when we learn exactly how good the Lakers will be.

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