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Roggin’s Rants: "Miserable" Dwight Howard Isn't Fitting In




    The once-goofy Lakers' center has stopped smiling, and rightfully so. In the Jan. 22, 2013, edition of Roggin's Rants, Fred Roggin explains that a Howard move could be a possibility. (Published Thursday, Jan 24, 2013)

    Let’s be honest. The Lakers are a mess.

    There are some very serious issues with this club.

    Remember when Dwight Howard would smile and laugh – despite his team losing – to the bewilderment of many fans and Lakers suits? Well, Howard hasn’t just stopped smiling. He seems disengaged and, frankly, absolutely miserable.

    Howard is not playing well and he’s not fitting in.

    The Lakers are going to have to make some serious decisions before the All-Star break.
    Is there a possibility they’ll try to move Howard? That’s something to watch for, because the Lakers certainly aren’t getting any better.

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