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Derby Championships Tix



    Judy Gloom
    The Derby Dolls championship rolls on Saturday, December 5th.

    The Swarm vs. Tough Cookies, for the glory, for the crown, for all the goods, for bragging rights and don't-mess-with-me props.

    The Derby Dolls championships are rolling this way, and we're telling devoted derbyians to ticket-up pronto.

    Why? Well "championships" is a start. These things garner attention, and next thing you know you're in a maybe-we'll-have-some-tickets-left line and wishing you'd bought earlier. But even regular season bouts are packed to the Doll Factory's rafters. It's always bustling 'round that rink.

    Tickets are $20-$65. The date's Saturday, December 5th. A perfect way to kick off the holiday jollies? Yes.