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    All sorts of SAG items will be on sale at the SAG Headquarters on Friday, May 7.

    TEES, SHOT GLASSES, ONESIES: The famous, double-mask'd logo of the Screen Actors Guild graces an array of items in the SAG Shop, and we mean an array. The onesies especially charm. Can you imagine your not-from-LA baby niece wearing one around her local mall? Big shot. Now the SAG Shop is holding a one-day, up-to-half-off sale at the Guild's HQ. Actually, in the Cagney boardroom. WE FORGOT THE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT: There's a Christmas ornament, too. And Fido stuff. Oh boy. Oh oh oh: And you do not have to be a SAG member to shop. Sale's on Friday, May 7, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.