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Earth Day at South Coast Winery

The Temecula winery will once again bless the vines.



    South Coast Winery
    South Coast Winery in Temecula will celebrate the Blessing of the Vines on Sunday, April 22.

    IMPORTANT HOLIDAY: While we'll make the claim that Earth Day is a very important holiday for every business -- that is, if that business has an address on this planet -- it is an especially meditative time for a vineyard. Few other types of industry depend as much on soil and air and sunlight and plants. Few other businesses watch the changes of the land as closely. In short, a winery and the plot of earth it sits upon form quite the tight relationship, meaning that an Earth Day party at a winery has special significance. It certainly does at South Coast Winery in Temecula. Each and every spring the winery hosts A Blessing of the Vines, which is, indeed, a moment when words of benediction are said before the rows of twisty leaves. The 2012 party is scheduled for Earth Day itself, which is Sunday, April 22.

    ON THE SCHEDULE: A blending competition, a Texas BBQ cook-out, dancing, and, hello, wine tasting. It's a Sunday afternoon affair, out in the open air, so if you haven't found your perfect Earth Day observance yet, this very well could be it. We find a glass of chardonnay and a bit of sunlight is just the tonic to head into the week. And if a salute to our home planet is involved? Even better. Get ticket information and times.