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Labor Day at Mammoth Lakes



    Town of Mammoth Lakes
    Mammoth Lakes is doing it up over Labor Day Weekend 2010.

    TWO QUESTIONS: One. Are they feeling fall up at Mammoth Lakes? We don't really have to ask. If there's a twinge in the air down here -- and there has been in recent days -- then it must be a full-on twinge-fest up in the Sierra. So, the other question. Is there anything Mammoth doesn't put on during a holiday weekend?

    IT'S A RHETORICAL QUESTION: Because the Mammoth Lakes area always seems to bring it come the three-day weekends. Over Labor Day 2010 there's a Trout Festival; a car show; an art show featuring over 100 artists; concerts; and a tennis tourney. Plus all the usual Mammoth-y things like hiking and biking and staring at stars you might not see from your city vantage point. Get the full rundown of Sept. 3-6 doings and make sure the thing you want to do is happening on the day you want to do it (there are some one-day things, some multi-day things, note.)

    TROUT FESTIVAL! There really needs to be nothing else said, so we'll end this sentence right here.