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New at Discovery Science Center



    Discovery Science Center
    Two new shows recently debuted at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana.

    NEW FOR SUMMER 2011: When it comes to a summertime show at a big science center, one wants two things. First, to cool off, And two, to hang with a famous, glove-wearing toy. Right? We can probably all agree on this matter. If you do, you should certainly make a date to visit the Discovery Science Center during the months ahead. Two fresh exhibits celebrating moisture and Mr. Potato head recently debuted.

    WONDERFUL WATERWORKS: A show devoted to H20 premiered at the museum on May 20. Aspiring scientists can learn about rainbows, and buoyancy, and what goes into a water molecule (you should probably know that the museum's molecule is named Walter). The exhibit runs through Sunday, Sept. 11. The other show spotlights that mirthful man-about-town, Mr. Potato Head. Discovery Science Center says the chapeau-wearing fellow will lead museum goers on "fun and educational adventures." We're game to join Mr. Potato Head on just about any outing, but especially a fun and educational one. The show also runs through Sunday, Sept. 11.