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The Inland Empire's First Cupcake Fair

Over 20 IE bakeries go for our sweet tooth, and for a good cause, too.



    Headed to the Inland Empire on St. Patrick's Day? Over 20 local bakeries will be selling their sweets to help out local charities. And the sweet spot? Riverside.

    CUPCAKE CORNUCOPIA: Bake sales are so often confined to school and sports team fundraisers, but the truth of the matter is this: Everyone, and we do mean everyone, loves them. Every age, every disposition, because consider the facts: You're presented with a wide array of sugar-sweet treats and all you need to jump in is a couple of bucks. It was that way years ago and it hasn't changed all that much today. And when we see a group of bakeries gather together to put on something resembling a bake sale -- lots of tasties and some good causes in mind -- we always want to throw some love their way. Call it the adult-style bake sale, which is not related to a youth activity but just anyone stopping by and sweeting up. Over 20 cupcakeries around the Inland Empire will gather in Riverside on Sunday, March 17 to do just that: Sell their best, frosting-topped creations and stir up some nice cash for both the California Riverside Ballet and the Foothill Family Shelter.

    THE IE CUPCAKE FAIR: Tunes, best cupcake voting, and other dessert-adjacent activities will be going down around the Riverside Municipal Auditorium (the complimentary mini massages are catching our eye -- cupcake -- massage -- a second cupcake sounds like the ideal relaxing day). An early bird admission is going through March 5. Price? Fifteen bucks.

    OTHER GOOD STUFF: Riverside, seriously. You have your robots and your cupcakes and your people in Victorian bustles and gowns and one of the state's great photography museums. You do, in short, cater to many a wonderful thing. We raise our icing-lathered cupcake in your direction.