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Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker Dish on Met Gala Fashion on "Late Night With Seth Meyers"

The two fashionistas showed their funny side. "We are announcing the kickoff to our college tour, we're doing a little comedy show," Parker joked.

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    Fashion icons Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker stopped by "Late Night" to talk to Seth Meyers about celebrities who attended this year's Met Gala. Some stunned on the red carpet, while others were fashion casualties.

    Parker served as co-chair of the event for the first time, requiring her to stand in the receiving line to welcome guests, which the actress said was a bit of a challenge.

    "I enjoyed it but I was reprimanded fairly early on in the process," Parker said.

    "She talks too much," Wintour said. "I just stick out my hand and say 'the exhibition is that way' or 'this is my co-chair Sarah Jessica Parker' and they run from me."

    "Also we are announcing the kickoff to our college tour, we're doing a little comedy show," Parker joked.

    "She's very practiced," Parker said of Wintour, who has served the Met for 16 years. "She offers a hospitable hand and without using any words is able to communicate that that is all that will happen."

    The two also talked about the dress code of the event all male attendees were required to wear “full evening dress and decorations,” also known as “white tie.”

    "I had no idea how much panic this would cause men but the best email was from Tom Ford who dressed many of the handsome men there Monday night," Wintour said. "Not only did hundreds of men ask him what white tie meant, they were confused by decorations. There were a couple of people who asked if they were Chirstmas Tree decorations."

    Finally, the trio went through photos of famous men who attended the event like Tom Brady, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Kanye West. Most guys didn't make the cut, but the ladies did agree that Benedict Cumberbatch was the best dressed.

    Watch the fashionistas above talk about the gala above,.