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WATCH: Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer Slam Ron Burgundy

Wolf Blitzer, Chris Cuomo and Anderson Cooper sound off on Will Ferrell's fictional TV broadcaster persona



    Although Ron Burgundy was recently honored by Boston's Emerson College, CNN's anchors aren't exactly happy about his success. 

    In a new "Funny or Die" video, Will Ferrell's fictional TV broadcaster persona gets both praised and bad-mouthed by Wolf Blitzer, Chris Cuomo and Anderson Cooper.
    "On camera, he's the best," Cuomo said. "Off camera, he's a bit of an a**hole."
    "Burgundy and I hit the national spotlight about the same time," Blitzer said. "Today he has the most awards of any anchor. Some of them honestly I think belong to me because they are literally mine. He just took them off my shelf, right in front of me and acted like I didn't see it."
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    Anderson Cooper also explained how he was inconvenienced by Burgundy.
    "When I started 'Anderson Cooper 360,' Ron's shadow still loomed over the show," Cooper said. "Literally, there was a cardboard cut-out of him in the studio blocking one of our lights. He had it in his contract that it could never be removed."
    If that wasn't enough, the CNN anchors also said that Burgundy calls them names.
    "He calls me Wolf Blister," Blitzer said.
    "He calls me Stoopy Andrews. It's not funny, it doesn't even sound like my name," Cooper said.
    "He won't call me anything," Cuomo said. "He refuses to acknowledge me as a human being."
    Ferrell recently returned to "Saturday Night Live" along with other co-stars of the second installment of "Anchorman."
    Watch the video above or in the link here.