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Colbert, Stewart Take On Trump's Charity Offer



Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, pictured here at a Comedy Central concert, each weighed in on Donald Trump's "Major Announcement."

Shortly after real estate magnate Donald Trump unveiled his “Major Announcement” – an offer to give away $5 million to charity if President Barack Obama releases his academic records and passport applications – late night hosts Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart countered with announcements of their own.

Stephen Colbert was so moved by Trump’s “generous offer,” that he offered the "Celebrity Apprentice" host a crude $1 million deal that involved Colbert's “balls.”

Check out the clip, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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Donald Trump's October Surprise
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“Daily Show” host Jon Stewart took to images, rather than words, to express his thoughts -- portraying Trump as a gorilla eating his own feces.

Check out the clip below: 

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Donald Trump's October Surprise
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