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AYSO World Record: "Biggest Pick-Up Game on Earth"

The soccer organization celebrates its 50th with a mega event.



    Ian McKinnell
    Mark AYSO's 50th anniversary by joining "the biggest pick-up soccer game on earth'

    If you donned a jersey and shin guard when you were a youngster, and took to a field on a bright weekend morning, ready to chase down a black and white ball while assisting team mates along the way, chances are you were AYSO.

    The American Youth Soccer Organization has been a major part of millions of kids' sporting lives, and the lives of their parents, too, over the last half century. It started in Los Angeles (update: Torrance) in 1964 and still runs its headquarters from Torrance, making the seen-everywhere outfit very much a SoCal-grown thing.

    Which makes AYSO's 50th anniversary extra special 'round these parts. The organization is going for "the biggest pick-up soccer game on earth" on Saturday, May 3, a lofty but doable goal, for sure. Nope, a field the size of Nebraska has not been built, but smaller meet-ups'll spring hither and thither across the nation on that day, all to salute a soccer stalwart's half-centennial.

    So where can you find a SoccerFEST pick-up game on that day? There are several Southern California locations, including Encino, Culver City, Riverside, Los Angeles, and Santa Ynez.

    Aaron Favila/AP

    If you're kid is AYSO, you're good to go, but there's happy news for non-AYSO players: Some events will accept your entry. Just check ahead of time.

    Our sense from the sidelines? It isn't too controversial. Over a half million kids are AYSO-involved, meaning the pick-up games'll be packed, as they should be for a mondo anniversary party. The achievement of "biggest pick-up soccer game on earth" is a world record that just might be achieved, then, without breaking too much of a sweat.

    Well, perhaps some sweat. Soccer is very go-go-go, after all, and one of our nation's favorite recreational pastimes. Saluting a powerhouse of the game with some perspire-nice play just seems like the right thing to do.

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