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Chilling Cocktails: Halloween Bevs Around LA

Sip seasonal, in-a-glass libations made for grown-up ghouls.



    Chaya Downtown
    Chaya Downtown has a host of Halloween cocktails on the menu, including the pow-packing Children of the Corn.

    Not all goodies arrive in a plastic, jack o'lantern-shaped bucket come Halloween.

    Some goodies are of the liquid sort, and if you've ever tried pouring a beverage into a plastic bucket -- we're not saying we have or have not -- then you know it can all get a mite drippy.

    That's what stylish cocktail glasses are for, and the stylish Southern California restaurants that dream up the dastardly and delicious drinks made especially for 21-and-over ghouls each and every Halloween season.

    But where to find such magical, witching-hour-ready brews? Restaurants around the area are pouring their top-shelf spirits into enchanted goblets and coming up with some truly spirited concoctions.

    Here are a few festive libation enlivening up the ghostiest week of the year...

    Chaya Downtown: Bartender Marco Carrasco has a sweet spot for a certain seasonal sweet, the one with the white and yellow and orange stripes. It's a cocktail dubbed Children of the Corn, and egg foam and vodka with a dose of candy-corn-y kapow are involved. Dare you sip such a drink, one with such a macabre moniker? You dare, especially if you're a true candy corn aficionado (and want to get to that pineapple Jell-O shot at the bottom).

    The elegant eatery is also serving up other eek-filled refreshments, including a Day of the Dead-themed cocktail and the Dark & Stormy Death Punch.

    Bar10: The West Hollywood hangout has a couple of atmospheric entries on its 2015 Halloween sip menu, including The Cauldron (spice rum, cherry liqueur, blackberry cordial, lime juice) and the Irish Autumn (think Tullamore Dew whiskey, Baileys, Pumpkin Pie liquor and pumpkin puree, plus a spicy graham-cracker-meets-pumpkin rim). You don't need to cackle, witch-like, while you drink them, but you can if you wish.

    Fig & Olive: It's a crumbly rim worth talking about, if you're a graham cracker aficionado. The Melrose-based eatery has a Pumpkin Spice Martini on the menu that has vanilla vodka, pumpkin butter, apple brandy, lime juice, and a rim you might wish you could dip in some cold milk. Just be sure to wipe the crumbs from your lap (or don't let them get there in the first place).

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