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One Weekend Only: The Russian Stout & Pretzel Ice Cream Sandwich

Unique LA, Coolhaus, and Golden Road team up on an offbeat treat.



    Headed for Unique LA on Saturday, May 11 or Sunday, May 12? There's a beer ice cream sandwich from Coolhaus and Golden Road to try. Mmm.

    The best part about Southern California is that everything you want is available all the time.

    Fact? Fact. It's the plus of living in a megalopolis and why we put up with some downsides. (Coughfreewaycongestioncough.)

    Enjoying something that's only offered for a few hours can be a rare treat, emphasis on the word "treat." Coolhaus, that frosty wonderland of all that is good and ice-cream-sandwich-based, is pairing up with Golden Road Brewing for a one-weekend-only snack: The Russian Stout & Pretzel Ice Cream Sandwich (recommended on double chocolate cookies).

    We know. It isn't the iconic local pairing one would immediately go to -- an ice cream sandwich favorite and a always bustling brewhouse. But it works, right? Especially within the context it will be sold: Unique LA, that wonderland of all that is good and DIY-crafts-based.

    Unique LA's spring show unfurls at the California Market Center on Saturday, May 11 and Sunday, May 12. Will you find loads of funky tees and weird toys and eye-catching earrings and purses made from old seatbelts and hats full of faux feathers there? You will.

    You will also find the beer ice cream sandwich. Oh, actually, make that two made-for-adults ice cream sandwiches: A Berliner Weisse & Mandarin Sorbet ice cream sandwich will also be on the Coolhaus menu. Please. Those both sound so tasty, Russian Stout and Berliner Weisse.

    Yep, it's pretty hip, but if you're going to stand there and judge, we're just going to eat your ice cream sandwich for you.

    And is it weird that we kind of wish that more things around SoCal went to the one-weekend-only system? Maybe an everything-all-the-time plan can overwhelm.

    Guess we'll eat some beer ice cream and ponder that.

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