94-Year-Old Woman's Wedding Rings Stolen from Car in San Jose | NBC Southern California

94-Year-Old Woman's Wedding Rings Stolen from Car in San Jose



    94-year-old Betty Leary's wedding rings were stolen out of a car while she and her son were at a San Jose restaurant.

    Car burglaries are common, but sometimes what is stolen from a vehicle is very rare.

    94-year-old Betty Leary's hands are bare for the first time in 74 years. That is how long she has been wearing her wedding rings, only taking them off while hospitalized.

    Her son put them in her wallet and tucked it into a laptop case while at a San Jose restaurant. Even though he carefully parked under a light, it did not stop a burglar, who smashed in the rear window.

    "I think they expected of course to get a laptop, that's what they thought they were getting, but all they got was a bunch of papers that would mean nothing to them but it meant a lot to my son," Leary said. "And then, he just happened to have my wallet and first time he's ever had my rings."

    The whole family is devastated and is passing-out fliers, hoping to get the rings back--no questions asked.

    Betty's father was a jeweler, and he made the rings himself.

    They were taken just three days before Betty's 74th anniversary.