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Fans at Bars and Restaurants Celebrate 49ers Victory Against Green Bay Packers

Fans excited that the quest for six Super Bowl titles will continue for at least one more week.



    (Published Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014)

    San Francisco 49er fans are celebrating a big win Sunday night, as they defeated the Green Bay Packers in the NFC wild-card game.

    It did not matter that the playoff game against Green Bay was thousands of miles away because fans across the Bay Area gathered at home, restaurants, or bars to cheer on the team.

    And the team lived up to the hype.

    It was a very close game, but fans did not give up hope that the Niners would walk away with a win. The game was decided by a single 33-yard kick by Phil Dawson, propelling the Niners to a 23-20 win.

    Fans have very high hopes for the Niners in the postseason and are already predicting the team will go all the way.

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    This is the second consecutive year the Packers and Niners faced off in the postseason, and the second year in a row the niners took the win.

    49ers fan Krista Marcelli said her team will go all the way.

    "So excited! Go Niners! We’re taking it to the Superbowl," she said. "Let’s go!"

    Another fan, Paul Paulus said one element of the 49ers' game contributed to their success.

    "I think defense is the key," he said. "Defense wins championships and the Niners got the D, so I think that’s gonna bring them all the way."

    Other fans did not mind a little smack talk.

    "I think we’re just showing what we’re made of," 49ers fan Kimberly Knapp said. "They’re doing excellent and as it turns out, Green Bay isn’t so hot in their own weather are they?"

    Those fans who actually made the trek to Green Bay had to brave the bitter cold, but at least they have the joy of the victory to keep them company on the way home. This game ranked among the coldest in NFL history.

    But that did not seem to faze the Niners.

    "We can play in the cold," 49ers fan Teresa Pedraza said. "We just showed that. We can play in the cold weather."

    With the wind chill, there was about an 80-degree difference in temperature between the South Bay and Green Bay during the game, which was at 10-below zero degrees at kickoff.

    Fans at Rookie’s Sports Lodge said while they would have loved to see the game in Green Bay, they were happy to have the comfort and warmth of being inside, and they are already looking forward to the next postseason game against the Carolina Panthers.