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Napa Water Main Break Creates Sinkhole; Residents Go Days Without Showering



    Three days since Sunday morning's 6.0-magnitude earthquake, many residents in and around Napa are trying to recover without electricity or water. Kimberly Tere reports. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2014)

    Three days after Sunday morning's 6.0-magnitude earthquake, and still, hundreds of residents in Napa are without water.

    And for residents of Craigie Court, a broken water main not only created a sinkhole, it forced neighbors to go to Costco and 7-Eleven for food and to use swimming pools and backyard ponds to wash and bathe.

    “No showers since Sunday,” resident Diane Meyers said. “Toilets – we’ve got a little backyard fish pond. We’ve just been using pond water. The fish are just going to have to lump it, but they’re mostly guppies, so that’s alright.”

    “I’m going over my grandparent’s house to shower and then we have five gallon jugs filled with water,” Lucas Hill said.

    Quakes, Aftershocks Strike South Napa Region

    [BAY] Quakes, Aftershocks Strike South Napa Region
    Five small quakes and aftershocks rumbled through wine country early Tuesday, days after the biggest earthquake in 25 years hit the Bay Area. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2014)

    The majority of Napa residents had utilities fully restored by Monday afternoon. But as of Tuesday, the city reported a total of 107 water lines still needed repair. That means 400 customers, out of 25,000, were without water.