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PETA Vows to Pay Any Fines Against 'Jackass' Star in SeaWorld Sign Change



    "Jackass" star Steve-O, celebrating after his prank on Interstate 5 in San Diego.

    One of SeaWorld's most vocal critics says it will pay any fines levied against "Jackass" star Steve-O in connection with a prank that included changing the words of a freeway exit sign so that it read "SeaWorld Sucks."

    The well-known TV prankster claimed responsibility last week for the May prank in a YouTube video that shows him scaling the sign on southbound Interstate 5 to express his strong dislike for SeaWorld.

    In a news release on Monday, PETA called the prank “spot on.”

    “…His friends at PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to use for entertainment – think his message was spot on, and staffers have offered to pay the rumored $7,000 fine that he’s set to incur for the prank,” the news release read.

    While the California Highway Patrol announced last week that they would be investigating Steve-O for possible charges, no information about fines has been released.

    In reporting on the $7,000 fine, PETA was referencing an earlier California Department of Transportation news release that said it would cost that amount to replace the sign.

    CHP Officer Jake Sanchez said he could not comment on PETA’s news release, but did say to expect details on whether Steve-O would face any charges, possibly as early as Tuesday.

    Since last Wednesday, Steve-O’s YouTube video had amassed more than 767,000 views.