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PSA Flight 182 Disaster Marks 35th Anniversary

San Diegans remember the 144 people killed in the 1978 disaster



    Wednesday marked 35 years since 144 people lost their lives in the PSA Flight 182 disaster.

    While flying over San Diego in 1978, Pacific Southwest Airlines’ Boeing 727 collided with a Cessna mid-air.

    The Crash Of Flight 182

    [SD] The Crash Of Flight 182
    That tragic Monday morning 30 years ago -- Sept. 25, 1978 -- can still trigger memories for those who lived in San Diego. Ken Kramer reports. (Published Monday, July 20, 2009)

    The planes crashed in San Diego's North Park area, killing 135 people onboard the Boeing, two men on the Cessna and seven people on the ground. A total of 22 surrounding homes were destroyed or damaged.

    To commemorate the victims of the plane crash, San Diegans gathered on Wednesday around noon near the crash site at Dwight and Nile Streets. They set up a makeshift memorial with candles, flowers, newspaper clippings from 1978 and pictures of the victims.

    Their names were etched in chalk along the sidewalk.

    The PSA Flight 182 crash is still the deadliest aircraft disaster in California’s history.