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Phone Records Are Focus of Day 3 in Marine Wife Pre-Trial Hearing

A Sprint representative read text messages sent between them in over a four-day period after April 13 - the last day Brittany Killgore was last seen.



    Brittany Killgore, 22, was missing for four days before her body was discovered abandoned in Riverside County.

    Testimony in the Brittany Killgore murder case centered on mobile phone records from the last day the Marine wife was seen alive.

    The 22-year-old Fallbrook woman who was killed and left on the side of the road texted a friend for help on the night of her disappearance.

    U.S. Marine Louis Ray Perez, Jessica Lynn Lopez and Dorothy Grace Marie Maraglino have pleaded not guilty to murder charges.

    They listened Wednesday as a Sprint representative read text messages sent between them in over a four-day period after April 13 - the last day Killgore was last seen.

    Killgore Texted 'Help' on Night of Disappearance

    [DGO] Killgore Texted 'Help' on Night of Disappearance
    Jessica Lopez and Camp Pendleton Marine Louis Perez showed no emotion as a judge charged both with first degree murder for the death of Brittany Killgore. Deputy District Attorney Patrick Espinoza (Published Thursday, April 26, 2012)

    Killgore was last seen alive with Perez on April 13. On that night, detectives said she texted a friend the word "help," the deputy district attorney said. The next day, a homeless man attempted to sell her phone to a stranger. The stranger called Killgore's mother, who then called police.

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    Killgore's body was found abandoned in Riverside County on April 17.

    In the first three days of the preliminary hearing, witnesses have detailed the unusual family situation inside the Fallbrook home where Maraglino lived. According to witness testimony, Perez was referred to as "Ivan" or "Master" and Maraglino was referred to as "Dee" or "Mistress."  

    A former roommate testified that Lopez had signed a slave/master contract with Maraglino.

    A friend of Killgore's testified that she and Brittany hung out at the home on East Fallbrook Street and knew about the bondage, discipline and sadomasochistic lifestyle of its tenants.

    Investigators have said the 22-year-old murder victim was an "unwilling participant" in the BDSM lifestyle of the defendants.