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Some San Francisco Restaurants Charging Fee For Canceled Reservations



    A set table inside Gary Danko restaurant. If you reserve one of these tables and don't show up, you could be charged a cancellation fee.

    Some San Francisco restaurant owners said they will be charging a fee for canceled reservations.

    Some restaurants like Gary Danko, Sons and Daughters, and Saison will charge $25 to $100 per person for not showing up.

    The owners said canceled reservations take a bite out of their bottom line if people cancel last minute.

    Upscale french eatery La Folie said it will charge $85 per person but give the customers a treat if they do not show.

    "Ultimately, we'd like the customers to honor their reservations, but if they don't here at La Folie, they get a gift certificate so they can come back and see us."

    Several restaurants said a canceled reservation for five people is like losing $1,000.