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First Human West Nile Case of 2014 Diagnosed in Contra Costa County



    First case of 2014 recorded in Contra Costa County.

    West Nile is here again.

    A man in his 60s in Contra Costa County was diagnosed with the virus this week, according to the Contra Costa Times, the first human to come down with the mosquito-borne illness this year.

    The man is at home and recovering, health officials said.

    About three to five cases in humans are documented each year, the newspaper reported, mostly in people 50 or over for whom the disease is most problematic.

    Nobody has died from West Nile since 2006, according to public health officials with the county.

    In fact, many more people are probably infected with the disease -- and never know it, according to Erika Jenssen, the county's point person on communicable diseases.

    Still, those over 50 and with diabetes or hypertension are urged to avoid mosquito bites when possible by using insect repellent and wearing long pants and shirts outdoors.