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Women with active genital herpes infections early in their pregnancy were twice as likely to have a child with autism than women who did not, according to a study released Wednesday. NBC News reported that the

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<![CDATA[Brain Scans May Detect Signs of Autism in Infants]]> Wed, 15 Feb 2017 17:57:36 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/GettyImages-5248112111.jpg
It may be possible to detect autism in babies before their first birthdays, a much earlier diagnosis than ever before, a small new study finds.Using magnetic-resonance imaging scans, researchers at the...

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<![CDATA[South Florida Company Turns Cobra Venom Into Healing Treatment]]> Wed, 15 Feb 2017 16:42:41 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/021417+cobra+venom.jpg
When you think about Cobra venom eventual death comes to mind. A South Florida company is changing the perception of the deadly venom.Nutra Pharma Corp., a biotechnology company specializing in the acquisition,...

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<![CDATA[Sore Back? Try Heat and Exercise First, Guidelines Say]]> Tue, 14 Feb 2017 08:56:07 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/212*120/Back-Guy.jpg
Prescription drugs should only be a last resort as a treatment for lower back pain, a leading doctors' group said Monday. NBC News reported on the new guidance from the American College of Physicians,...

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<![CDATA[Firstborns Get Intellectual Advantage Over Siblings: Study]]> Mon, 13 Feb 2017 13:04:28 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/160*122/GettyImages-73781080.jpg
Firstborn children are set up for more academic and intellectual success, according to a new study that delved into nearly 40 years of data.Today.com reported that firstborn babies and toddlers started scoring...

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<![CDATA[Shoveling Snow Can Be Deadly for Men: Study]]> Mon, 13 Feb 2017 11:45:47 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/GettyImages-462353044.jpg
Men are more likely to have a heart attack after a snowfall, probably from shoveling snow, according to Canadian researchers. NBC News reported that researchers found a slight increase in heart attacks...

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<![CDATA[Woman Thanks Dispatcher Who Helped Save Her Husband's Life]]> Sun, 12 Feb 2017 03:29:37 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/258*120/170211-911-dispatcherJPG.JPG
There were happy tears all around Saturday at the Corona Police Department when a woman met the 911 dispatcher who had helped save her husband’s life.

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<![CDATA[Kids Are Trying Potentially Harmful E-Cigarette Hack]]> Tue, 07 Feb 2017 04:25:07 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/AP_34020085243.jpg
As many as a quarter of U.S. kids who are using e-cigarettes may be taking them apart and "dripping" — a method that gives them more vapor but a potentially higher hit of nicotine, researchers reported...

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<![CDATA[Laundry Pod-Linked Eye Injuries Surged in Small Kids: Study]]> Fri, 03 Feb 2017 08:12:11 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/GettyImages-453144893.jpg
Liquid laundry packets are responsible for a surge in eye injuries in young children, according to new medical research. The pods are already under scrutiny after thousands of incidents of kids mistaking...

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<![CDATA[Tackle Food Safety: Keep Your Food Safe on Game Day]]> Thu, 02 Feb 2017 11:38:06 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Screen+Shot+2017-02-02+at+2.25.05+PM.png
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a list of food safety tips for Super Bowl party hosts.]]>
<![CDATA[Science Could Soon Develop Eggs, Sperm From Skin Cells]]> Thu, 02 Feb 2017 04:46:46 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/180*120/170131-babies-mn-1600.jpg
The world is on the brink of another revolution thanks to an emerging technology called in vitro gametogenesis, or IVG, which would allow doctors to develop eggs and sperm from a surprising source: skin cells, NBC News reported.These reproductive cells could then be used to create fertilized embryos to be implanted into a woman's uterus (or, someday, an artificial womb).Researchers in Japan created viable eggs from the skin cells of adult female mice, which were then fertilized with naturally derived sperm from male mice.Using the same process in people isn't exactly feasible, so scientists need to find another way to turn primordial germ cells into mature eggs in vitro."It's a technology that will come someday, but the question is when and whether it will be completely safe," says Zev Rosenwaks, director of the Center for Reproductive Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York.

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<![CDATA[House Passes Abortion Funding Ban Days After Women's March]]> Thu, 26 Jan 2017 13:36:24 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/my-body-my-choice.jpg
Days after millions of people marched nationwide to bring attention to women’s issues, the Trump administration and Congress have responded with actions against women's reproductive rights.On Tuesday afternoon, the U.S. House passed H.R. 7, anti-abortion legislation, voting 238-183. The bill proposes to permanently ban women from receiving federal financial assistance for abortions. While the bill does not ban abortions outright, it bans all government subsidies of abortions. This ban reaches beyond Medicaid to include private insurers that cover abortions through plans bought on exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act. The bill was sponsored by U.S. Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey.

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<![CDATA[Dementia Patients Get Police Tracking Devices]]> Tue, 24 Jan 2017 02:22:25 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/knbc-dementia-tracking-device-project-lifesaver.jpg
Police in the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale are hoping to reduce the time it takes to find missing people diagnosed with dementia by providing patients with tracking devices.

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<![CDATA[GOP Obamacare Replacement Plan Would Grant States More Power]]> Mon, 23 Jan 2017 17:05:50 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/obamacare-que-pasara-thumbnail.jpg
Republican senators introduced a partial replacement to the Affordable Care Act on Monday that would let states keep some aspects of the Obamacare law while eliminating the mandate requiring citizens to carry health insurance. The measure is being billed as an "Obamacare replacement plan" aimed at empowering states and broadening health insurance access. The move comes days after President Donald Trump's issuance of an executive order directing the Health and Human Services Department to "waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay" any ACA requirement that would impose a fiscal burden. For now, however, the executive order that Trump signed Friday night has changed very little.

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<![CDATA[WHO on 'High-Alert' Over New Outbreaks of Bird Flu]]> Mon, 23 Jan 2017 09:31:49 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/influenza1.jpg
The World Health Organization is urging all countries to monitor avian influenza and to report any human cases that could indicate the beginning of a flu pandemic, Reuters reported. About 40 countries have reported new outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza in poultry and wild birds since November, according to WHO. Several strains of bird flu have been spreading across Europe and Asia, resulting in large-scale poultry slaughters and some human deaths in China. Due to the rapid pace and expansive nature of these outbreaks, WHO director-general Dr. Margaret Chan said the organization is on "high alert." The WHO’s 194 member states are required to detect and report human cases promptly, Chan added: "We cannot afford to miss the early signals."

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<![CDATA[Fighting Winter Allergies]]> Mon, 23 Jan 2017 04:57:44 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/WinterAllergies0120_MP4-148517587405100001.jpg
Many people believe that as the spring and fall seasons wrap up, so do their allergies, but that's not always the case once winter rolls around.]]>
<![CDATA[Photos: Artist Transforms Baby Helmets Into Dazzling Works of Art]]> Sun, 22 Jan 2017 13:13:32 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/knbc-paula-strawn-baby-helmet-art-tn.jpg
An artist with Southern California ties is helping parents transform the clinical look of their babies' corrective helmets into dazzling works of art.

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<![CDATA[Mom, Toddler Daughter Fight Cancer at the Same Time]]> Wed, 18 Jan 2017 06:39:13 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/cancerstrikesmomandtot.jpg
Heather Wilson received some bad news just five days before Christmas.The 31-year-old mother of three, who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor six months earlier, learned that her 14-month-old daughter, London, also had cancer, the Today Show reported.Doctors found a yolk sac tumor in the area of London's ovaries.The two have been an inspiration as they bravely face the disease together, rallying friends and family to help ease the financial and emotional burden on the young mom from Covington, Georgia.

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<![CDATA[Caffeine May Help Fight Cardiovascular Disease: Study]]> Wed, 18 Jan 2017 05:50:23 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/GettyImages-472209108.jpg
Scientists used blood samples and studies medical and family history for people in their study. In this research, a connection was found between that inflammatory process and caffeine consumption.

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<![CDATA[18M Will Lose Health Insurance With ACA Repeal: Analysis]]> Tue, 17 Jan 2017 12:12:53 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/obaGettyImages-630310534.jpg
About 18 million people would lose or drop their health insurance in the first year after Obamacare is repealed, the Congressional Budget Office reported Tuesday.The nonpartisan federal agency also found that health insurance premiums would spike another 20 to 25 percent, NBC News reported. Within 10 years, 32 million more people would be without health insurance, the CBO projects.

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<![CDATA['We Call It a Robot': Exoskeleton Helps Mom Walk Again]]> Thu, 12 Jan 2017 19:08:49 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/knbc-exoskeleton-mom.jpg
After doctors originally gave Marylou Soto just pain medication for what was later detected as a seriously damaging cyst to her spinal cord, the Orange County mom now has a second chance to walk again.

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<![CDATA[The Pros and Cons of Marijuana Use]]> Thu, 12 Jan 2017 17:05:46 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/NC_pot0112_1500x845.jpg
Marijuana use may help with chronic pain and nausea, but a new study says there are also negative consequences for young children and those at risk for certain mental illnesses. Experts from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine reviewed all research on marijuana published since 1999 to find who should smoke and who shouldn't.]]>