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McDonald's Agrees to Offer Healthier Options



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The classic McDonald's value meal is getting a makeover -- if you so choose.

Would you like an apple with that?

McDonald's employers may soon be looking for a catchier line at the cash register after the company announced Thursday it will begin offering healthier options in its value meals.

The Oak Brook-based company plans to offer customers a choice of a side salad, fruit or vegetable as a substitute for French fries in value meals.

Happy Meals will also get a makeover. Only water, milk and juice will be promoted as the beverage option in Happy Meals.

All advertising directed toward children will also now include a "fun nutrition or children's well-being message."

The new directives will be implemented at 20 of the company's biggest markets.

The company is partnering with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation on the new plan, along with the Clinton Global Initiative.