NBCLA's Top Videos of 2013

A teen's prom date persistence pays off, making his night the most-clicked video on NBCLA.com in 2013

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    Talia Myers
    Southern California high school student Jake Davidson and supermodel Nina Agdal at the Milken Community High School prom Thursday May 23, 2013. Credit: Talia Myers

    Two men exonerated after years in prison and a Southern California teen's quest for a special prom date were among the most-clicked videos of 2013 on NBCLA.com.

    Click the videos below to watch the top-5 most-clicked videos on NBCLA.com in 2013.

    5. Teen Makes Mt. Everest History (March 23): A 15-year-old boy with a passion for sports and an infectious smile became the first person with Down syndrome to stand at the base camp of Mount Everest. He returned to Southern California with a jubilant welcome. Watch: Mt. Everest History

    4. Police Release Second Video of Dog Shooting (July 4): Hawthorne police released a second video of a shooting involving officers and a dog. The video, obtained by the department from a resident, showed the shooting from an angle different from that of a video posted earlier on YouTube. Watch: Police Release Second Video of Dog Shooting

    3. Exonerated Man's First Night of Freedom (Nov. 8): A judge threw out the conviction of a 53-year-old Los Angeles man who spent 34 years behind bars for murder after two sisters of a key witness said the account of what their sibling saw was a lie. Kash Delano Register said he was relieved the situation was corrected. Watch: Murder Conviction Tossed After 34 Years in Prison

    2. NBC4 I-Team: A Stunning Confession (June 7): The NBC4 I-Team talked  with the private investigators who got a confession out of the woman who accused a former high school football star of rape. Note: This video was originally posted in 2012, but continued to be viewed during Brian Banks' effort to join an NFL team in 2013. He played several pre-season games for the Atlanta Falcons. Watch: The Confession That Clear Brian Banks

    1. Teen Has "Surreal" Prom With Supermodel Date (May 24): He asked Sports Illustrated Kate Upton to his high school prom, but she couldn't make it. So a Southern California student ended up with supermodel Nina Agdal on his arm. Watch: Teen Has "Surreal" Prom Date