AM Headlines: Waters on Defense

A glance at this morning's headlines around LA

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    "I Have Not Violated Any Rules:" Rep. Maxine Waters addresses alleged ethics violations. [LA Times]

    Ultimatum From Disgraced Bell Official: The LA Weekly, citing officers, reports that Robert Rizzo -- the Bell city mananger who was paid a salary so offensive it can't be mentioned here -- pushed police to impound cars. [LA Weekly]

    Buss Joins the Hall:
    LA Lakers owner Jerry Buss will be inducted  into the Basketball Hall of Fame today. [KPCC]

    Woman Reunites With Officer Who Saved Her at Birth: Captain Paul Hernandez checks an item off his bucket list. [Full Story]

    From the Photographer's Point of View:
    Times photog Boris Yaro gives his account of the Robert F. Kennedy assassination in the Times' new photography blog. [Framework]

    Getting by on Game Shows:
    Some contestants aren't hoping to get rich. They're hoping to get by. [Video]

    Security Video Shows Security Guard Tackling Deaf Shopper: Video on YouTube of a security guard being tackled sparks outrage. [Full Story]

    Overturned Big Rig Delays Commute:
    The truck is on its side on the eastbound 60 Freeway, just west of Hacienda Boulevard. [Daily News]

    Saved by the Hair of an Officer's Face:
    Thanks to funds raised when officers grew out their mustaches, summer camp is on for a group of children. [Pasadena Star-News]

    Getting by on Game Shows

    [LA] Getting by on Game Shows
    Some contestants aren't hoping to get rich. They're hoping to get by.