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"Green Monday" Makes FedEx Historically Busy

Because of increased online shopping, Fed Ex expects to move a record 19 million packages.



    (Published Monday, Dec. 10, 2012)

    A spike in e-commerce made Monday the busiest day in FedEx’s history, according to company projections that some 19 million packages would be picked up and delivered on the day dubbed Green Monday, the start of what has become the busiest week of the year when it comes to online shopping.

    Before sunrise, extra delivery vans were lined up and ready to roll from a FedEx Ground Shipping Facility in Sun Valley.

    FedEx Senior Manager, Scott Carpenter explains the process.

    “In the morning we offload the trailers, scan the package, and make sure the computers tell us which vans to load it in,” said Scott Carpenter, FedEx senior manager. “[Then we] scan it again, make sure it’s loaded properly in the vans and then our drivers take over from there.”

    A dramatic increase in orders made online is credited with the jump in pickups and deliveries. Vanessa Caldera is a service manager at FedEx and said she’s noticed the impact.

    “We get stuff from all over,” she said. “Walmart, big department stores that we see, even residential numbers just spiked tremendously.”

    For FedEx workers, Green Monday means six-day work weeks and eight to ten hour workdays.

    “Black Friday really took us off the charts but Green Monday took us into a whole new level,” Carpenter said.

    It also puts pressure on the drivers to make deliveries on time.

    “That's the whole point: make it there on time, they're happy. Make it late, they're unhappy. We don't want that to happen.”

    As FedEx operations planner, Dominic Angelo has made adjustments for the demand. “We’ve added trucks per the volume,” he said. “There's a lot of packages going in and out of here.”

    It being the holiday season, Angelo knows how important it is for the package to get to its destination smoothly and in time for exchanging gifts.

    “You want the package delivered on your porch, or it's OK to leave it on the back porch,” he said. “Maybe behind a bush or with the neighbor; the more information you give us, the better it's going to be for the package.”

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