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Judge Orders Video Preserved in Stow Case

Attorneys for Giovanni Ramirez say they think video exists that could exonerate him

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    The LAPD must maintain any video evidence collected in the Bryan Stow case, according to a judge's ruling Monday.

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    Attorneys for Giovanni Ramirez, the man suspected in the opening day attack at Dodger Stadium, were in court Monday to make the request. They said they're confident that video exists that could exonerate their client.

    "He had hair on that day, that's our contention," said Ramirez attorney Anthony Brooklier. "We don't want this evidence lost or inadvertantly destroyed."

    On Friday, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said that order wouldn't be necessary.

    "The defense attorney has to do what his job is, which is to make sure that I do my job," Beck said Friday. "I'm assuring you that I will."

    The attorneys said they're interested in video from a hotel surveillance camera. Brooklier said Ramirez and his girlfriend stayed at a Comfort Inn in Hollywood on April 1 -- one day after Stow was attacked in the Dodger Stadium parking lot.

    Ramirez's attorneys said he had a full head of hair on that day. Police sketches released April 1 showed two subjects with shaved heads.

    Ramirez is the only person under arrest in the case. He is jailed on a parole hold and has not been charged in connection with the Stow case.

    Outside court Monday, Ramirez's friends wore white shirts with his picture and the words "Free Gio."

    Investigators are searching for another attacker and a woman who drove the getaway car.