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LA Firefighters Rescue Tree Trimmer Hit by Palm Fronds

The man complained of back pain and was being taken to a hospital



    Firefighters rescued a male tree trimmer injured by falling palm fronds east of downtown Los Angeles Thursday.

    The tree-trimmer was conscious and alert while the rescue operation was conducted, according to an alert sent by Brian Humphrey of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

    The rescue was taking place at about noon at 452 S. Bonnie Brae Street (map). The street was blocked off during the operation, which took place amid windy conditions.

    Aerial video showed a fire truck's ladder extended to the top of the palm tree, which looked to be about 15 feet taller than a nearby three-story building. One firefighter climbed the ladder and harnessed the worker, then the two stepped over to the roof of the apartment building.

    The worker complained of back pain after the rescue and was set to be taken to a hospital to verify he had no other injuries from the weight of the palm fronds, Humphrey said.

    In September, a tree trimmer was killed in Hollywood when palm fronds fell on him as he worked.


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