Angelenos Have the Most Sex, Are Most Satisfied

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    Trojan Condom Company
    Trojan's “U.S. Sex Census” compared 200 respondents from 10 major U.S. cities including Los Angeles about everything sex, from frequency to most exciting location.

    When it comes to sex, LA is number one.

    Angelinos are having more sex per year than other metropolitan cities, and we’re pretty satisfied about it, according to a new census published by Trojan Condoms.

    Trojan's “U.S. Sex Census” compared 2000 respondents from 10 major U.S. cities including Los Angeles about everything sex, from frequency to most exciting location.

    Researchers found LA residents surveyed are having the most sex per year -- 135 times -- and 75 percent of those surveyed reported they were “satisfied.”

    On a national level, survey responses suggested that the average American over 18 has sex 120 times a year (2.3 times per week), and reports “very high levels of sexual satisfaction (76 percent satisfied).”

    As satisfied as we may be, we’re apparently not getting enough.

    According to the survey, 71 percent of respondents wished for more whoopie in their lives. And city goers are among the least monogamous with 66 percent having one partner.

    Angelinos who particpated in the survey also reported a whole lot of shaking going on. And it wasn’t earthquakes.

    LA had the highest level of vibrator use (48 percent) and the highest level of willingness to use them in the future (78 percent).

    And while we may be adventurous, we’re a bit fake.

    Los Angeles had the highest level of respondents defining themselves as sexually adventurous (45 percent) but we were also the most likely to have faked an orgasm (51 percent), the census said.

    Some other interesting boudoir bits: Americans are talking more about sex both on- and off-line, according to the survey.

    Scandal-addled Rep. Anthony Weiner may take some solace in this -- 19 percent of survey respondents have engaged in sexting, while 19 percent have had online sex.

    Men surveyed were more likely to discuss their sex life on Facebook or Twitter (15 percent) compared to women (6 percent)

    When asked where they would like to have sex but have not yet tried, 33 percent of male respondents said sex on a plane and 26 percent of women said sex on a beach/sea.

    And the most exciting place to have sex?

    Considering our car culture, it comes as no surprise: 48 percent said the car, followed by sex in someone else's bed (33 percent).

    According to Trojan, the Sex Census is based on two studies conducted by StrategyOne from March 15-21, 2011. According to the company, the results are nationally representative based on U.S. Census indicators.