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Lawsuit Thwarts Construction of Hollywood Target

Two groups sued to halt the ongoing construction of the store



    Lucas Oleniuk/ Getty Images

    Opponents of a Target store being built on Sunset Boulevard and Western Avenue in Hollywood have succeeded in halting the construction of the department store. 

    Two groups sued to halt the ongoing construction of the store, citing that the construction was the result of the city's tendency to make backroom deals and violate the law. 
    "The half-built Target store is a monument to City Hall's contempt for the law," Attorney Robert Silverstein said in a statement. 
    A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge ordered that construction be halted on grounds that the city granted illegal exceptions to the project. 
    One of those violations included the authorization that the building was allowed to be as high as 74 feet, exceeding the 35-feet limit. 
    The would-be Target sits on a corner in Hollywood that has become "forlorn" according to Los Angeles Councilman Mitch O'Farrell. 
    "This unfortunate series of events throws the project in limbo and that is not good for anyone," O'Farrell said in a statement.  
    Target said that they plan to open the store next year as scheduled and will seek to continue construction on the building. 
    The department store spokeswoman, Kristen Emmos, did not say if the company would appeal the court ruling.  
    "We must keep the project going so we can continue with the plan that includes local hiring of former homeless youth along with hundreds of other employment opportunities," O'Farrell said. 
    City News Service contributed to this report

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