Meg Whitman has spent a record $140 million so far on campaign | NBC Southern California

Meg Whitman has spent a record $140 million so far on campaign



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    "Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman has spent a record $140 million on her campaign through the end of  September," according  to a campaign finance statement just filed and obtained bythe Sacramento Bee.

    "The billionaire former CEO of online auction firm eBay had $9,183,510.78 in reserves at the end of September. Her Democratic rival Jerry Brown has $22.5 million in reserves and has spent about $10 million, according to his campaign. Brown hasn't yet filed a detailed campaign finance statement, which is due today.

    "Whitman spent $39.8 million from July to September, which comes out to about $3 million a week. Much of that money went to TV and radio stations all across the state, the new records show.

    "Whitman has already become the biggest self-funding candidate in U.S. history, having invested more than $119 million of her own money into the race. She's said she's prepared to invest as much as $150 million of her own wealth.

    "Public opinion polls show Brown and Whitman locked in a tight race, despite Whitman far outspending Brown, " according to a story published by the Sacramento Bee.