Montebello Remains Are Non-Human, Coroner Says | NBC Southern California

Montebello Remains Are Non-Human, Coroner Says

The remains were found around 4 p.m. Tuesday.



Remains found in a plastic bag in Montebello, Calif. Dec. 3, 2013 were determined to be non-human the next day. The bag contained a plastic skull and a scattering of animal bones.

Remains found by workers in Montebello and thought to be human were identified Thursday as a scattering of animal bones and a plastic prop skull, authorities said.

The animal bones are possibly the spine and rib of a deer and a few dead chickens, Lt. Fred Corral, of the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office, said.

Corral said the bones were "typical of Santeria," a religion of West African and Carribean origin.

The bones were discovered by pipeline maintenance workers in the 900 block of North Lincoln Avenue Tuesday afternoon.

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