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Odor Prompts United Flight to Divert to Ohio

The flight was on its way from Kennedy International Airport to Los Angeles



    File photo of United Airlines plane.

    A United Airlines flight from New York to Los Angeles has been diverted to Cleveland because of an electrical smell, causing a celebrity passenger to tweet that perhaps she should be on the comedy "Hot in Cleveland."

    "Body of Proof" star Dana Delany was on Flight 132 from Kennedy International Airport Sunday when someone reported a smell coming from a cabin.

    The plane was diverted to Cleveland at about 5:45 p.m., where airport officials said maintenance workers checked the aircraft but did not find anything.

    Delany Tweeted about the incident saying, "Maybe being stranded in Cleveland is a sign that I should be on (at)hotnclevelandtv. (at)bettymwhite where are you?" and "Emergency landing on (at)United in Cleveland. Who's couch can I crash on?!?"

    There were no injuries. It wasn't immediately known when the plane took off again.