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More Than 1,000 Lightning Strikes Dance Through High Desert



    Mike Meadows
    Lightning bolts shoot down over mountains in photos taken looking south from highway 95 toward the California/Nevada border. Monsoon moisture brought heavy rain, lightning and flash flood warnings to the deserts of California/Nevda/Airzona. Aug 17,2010. Photo by Mike Meadows

    A powerful show of lightning roared off the backside of the San Gabriel Mountains toward Barstow and Fort Irwin Tuesday afternoon with over 1,000 recorded strikes lighting up the sky.

    A Hesperia weather spotter for the National Weather Service said the lightening display was still going as late at 9: 45 p.m.

    There were no reports of damage.  

    The "thunderstorm complex started around 4 p.m." said National weather Service Forecaster Mark Moede.  "We're are in a monsoon pattern so its not unusual for this to occur in this pattern."

    Unusual, yes, but also unnerving for those calling the high desert home.  That Hesperia weather spotter said it was a "very impressive light show" in the high desert this evening.

    Moede said the high desert forecast for Wednesday will have the monsoon fading and chances for storms dropping off.