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Penguin Chicks Star in Behind-the-Scene Show at Long Beach Aquarium

The two chicks will join the main penguin habitat in August

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Aquarium of the Pacific
Two still-unnamed penguin chicks were born about a month ago at Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. They're the stars of a new live webcam.

Your cute alarm can go off around the clock now that the Aquarium of the Pacific has launched a live webcam of its baby penguins.

The two chicks were born about a month ago to first-time parents Floyd and Roxy, residents of the aquarium’s penguin habitat, the Long Beach institution announced this week.

They’ll be on public display later in August, but in the meantime, animal-lovers can get behind-the-scenes views of the chicks.

LINK: Aquarium of the Pacific Penguin Chick Webcam

The still-unnamed baby birds are Magellanic penguins, a species native to the coast of Argentina and Chile.

After an incubation of 38 to 43 days, the chicks hatch from eggs with their eyes closed. The parents take turns both keeping the eggs warm and later feeding and raising the chicks, according to the aquarium.

Their downy feathers are replaced with adult feathers when they’re about 90 days old. At that time, the chicks will join the parents

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