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Riverside Residents Watch, Worry as Fire Consumes 150+ Acres

A stubborn brush fire on the outskirts of Riverside scorched hundreds of acres Thursday night, and came dangerously close to many homes.



    (Published Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013)

    Riverside resident Jennifer Heath didn't try to conceal her feelings about the latest brush fire to threaten her home.

    "I'm scared to death," she said Thursday evening, as flames continued to flare up, much closer to homes than any neighborhood residents would like.

    Fast-moving and seemingly constant flames chased Heath from her home for a time. The fire made its way into her backyard at one point.

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    "It's like fire radiating from the sky, the whole backyard is on fire," Heath said.

    Neighbors didn't count on authorities helping them out, so they helped each other.

    "The trees caught on fire," Wendy Stagg said. "We were yelling back and forth, shouting addresses, trying to get the fire department to come."

    A shower of embers was blowing overhead in every direction.

    Kyle Wright's home is about a quarter mile away from the massive blaze, but his family’s trailer caught fire late Thursday.

    "All of a sudden, they were like 'your trailer is on fire,' and me and my step dad ran outside and I grabbed the hose and he came out and pretty much the whole half of the trailer was already on fire," Wright said.

    It was not immediately clear what caused the trailer fire, which prompted the explosion of a propane tank.

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