Gunman Ties Up Women in San Bernardino Home

The gunman tied up two women after enountering another roommate in the driveway of the San Bernardino home

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    Mary Slamer said a man was waiting in the bushes outside her home and tied up her 87-year-old mother and two sisters before stealing a car and debit card. Police are still on the look out for the armed suspect. Patrick Healy reports from San Bernardino. (Published Wednesday, March 14, 2012)

    Two sisters and their 87-year-old mother were bound with tape by a masked gunman late Tuesday during a home-invasion robbery at their San Bernardino home.

    Mary Slamer, who lives at the residence with her sister and mother, arrived at the home in the 3700 block of Ridge Line Drive at about 10 p.m. The gunman was waiting for her in the driveway, according to investigators.

    Three Women Caught in Home Invasion Robbery

    [LA] Three Women Caught in Home Invasion Robbery
    Three women suffered through a home invasion robbery Tuesday night in San Bernardino. The gunman tied up the victims before taking a bank card and car. Antonio Castelan reports. (Published Wednesday, Mar 14, 2012)

    "He jumped out at me and knocked me down and put a gun to my head," said Slamer. "It happened so fast."

    The gunman forced Slamer into the home, where he encountered her sister and mother. The man used packing tape to restrain the two sisters before turning to their mother.

    San Bernardino Home Invasion Victim: "He Put a Gun to My Head"

    [LA] San Bernardino Home Invasion Victim: "He Put a Gun to My Head"
    Mary Slamer describes what happened after she was attacked in her driveway by a gunman during a San Bernardino home-invasion robbery. Toni Guinyard reports from San Bernardino. (Published Wednesday, Mar 14, 2012)

    When Slamer and her sister told the man their mother could not walk, Slamer said the man told them, "I don't know that."

    "So, he bound my little mom up, scared to death," Slamer said. "He took the debit card and said, 'What's your PIN number. Don't lie to me or I'll shoot you.'"

    The man left with the debit card and Slamer's 2002 Toyota Echo, but not before Slamer heard him yell from near the garage.

    "I thought, oh my God, he's coming back," Slamer said. "He came back and yelled, 'Good night, ladies. Have a good day.'"

    Money was withdrawn from her account later Wednesday, Slamer said. Authorities have made no arrests.

    Neighbors arrived at the home Wednesday morning the talk about the attack with the women.

    "None of the ladies were hurt, but their nerves were a little rattled," said Lt. David Harp.

    Call 909-384-5742 with information about the case. 

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