SoCal Couple Charged With Killing Man Over False Molest | NBC Southern California

SoCal Couple Charged With Killing Man Over False Molest

Police allege a couple took matters into their own hands after falsely believing a man had molested their daughter



    A Southern California couple has been charged with executing a neighbor they falsely believed had molested their 4-year-old daughter.

    Brian Matheis and Amy Daniel of Banning were charged with murder last month and remain jailed.

    Authorities say they became convinced that Joshua Lee Fredieu had molested their daughter last year during a sleepover with Fredieu's daughter at his home.

    Prosecutors contend that they arranged for Matheis to shoot Fredieu in the back of the head.

    The next day, a medical exam found no evidence that the girl had been molested.

    Matheis later was sentenced to prison for domestic violence and prosecutors claim he confessed the killing to a fellow inmate. He was arrested in state prison.

    Daniel was arrested in Banning last week. 

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