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Son of Woman Found Dead in Freezer to Surrender: Sources

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    One co-worker is shocked to hear another hid his mother's body in a freezer for months. Find out why from NBC10's Cydney Long who reports from Philadelphia's Feltonville neighborhood. (Published Wednesday, July 2, 2014)

    The son of an 83-year-old woman whose body was found in a freezer is expected to turn himself in, according to law enforcement sources. Sources tell NBC10 that William Carrasquillo will be charged with abuse of corpse and is expected to surrender to east detectives at some point on Thursday.

    Grandmother's Body Was in Freezer for Months: Family

    [PHI] Grandmother's Body Was in Freezer for Months: Family
    The body of an elderly woman was discovered in a deep freezer, inside the basement of a home in Hunting Park Tuesday. Police are now looking for a relative of the woman. NBC10's Christine Maddela talked to neighbors and police Tuesday night. (Published Tuesday, July 1, 2014)

    The body of William's mother, Andrea Carrasquillo, was found in a freezer inside her Philadelphia home on Tuesday after a family member told police she’d been dead – and in the deep freeze -- since January.

    Body of Grandmom Found in Freezer

    [PHI] Body of Grandmom Found in Freezer
    The body of an elderly woman was found in a freezer. According to sources, the woman's son confessed that his mother died of natural causes and he placed her in the freezer in January. Now there's a warrant out for his arrest. NBC10's Rosemary Connors has the details. (Published Tuesday, July 1, 2014)

    Neighbors along Lee Street in Hunting Park said they hadn't seen Andrea in a while, but because she didn't venture out much, that didn’t strike them as unusual.

    Grandmother's Body Found in Freezer

    [PHI] Grandmother's Body Found in Freezer
    Philadelphia police want to talk to the son of an elderly woman whose body was found inside a deep freeze. Another family member said she's been dead since January. (Published Tuesday, July 1, 2014)

    Police roped off a good portion of the 4500 block of Lee Street while they went into the home on Tuesday.

    They found Carrasquillo’s body, just as the tip caller had described -- folded into a freezer about three feet high and 18 or so inches wide.

    According to one of the lead detectives on the scene, Carrasquillo lived with her son William, who told another family member that his mother died of natural causes in January. William allegedly said he got scared, wasn't sure what to do and tucked her body into the freezer.

    Carrasquillo's body was intact with no signs of trauma, according to the detective. An autopsy will be performed to determine how she died.

    According to investigators, William, a pizza delivery man, may have hid the body in the freezer in an attempt to cash in on her social security checks.

    "He realized she died and there was an opportunity to get away with something and take advantage of it," said Jared Santiago, a friend and co-worker of William.

    According to Santiago, William struggled financially to care for Andrea, who was disabled, along with her grandson. Santiago told NBC10 William last reported to work on Saturday but replied to a text Sunday night.

    "He said he loved his mother and thanked me for letting him work here for 20 years," Santiago said. "He said to tell all his friends he was sorry."