Perry, Parks Slam Redistricting Final Draft

"Not only the did they draw me out of my own district, they took me out of Little Tokyo, the Historic Core and all of Skid Row," says Councilwoman Jan Perry

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    File photos of Councilmembers Bernard Parks and Jan Perry.

    LA's 15 City Council districts are changing, and not every councilmember is happy with the proposed plan.

    Document: Draft Map Proposal (PDF)

    Ninth District Councilwoman Jan Perry lost a portion of downtown while gaining Watts, according to a copy of the proposal obtained early by NBC LA.

    "Not only did they draw me out of my own district, they took me out of Little Tokyo, the Historic Core and all of Skid Row," said Perry told NBC LA.

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    "Basically it's a grab for assets," she said.

    The district reconfiguration proposal is based on 2010 census data and creates 15 districts of equal population that will remain in effect at least through 2020.

    Depending on how the boundaries are drawn, different groups -- based on factors ranging from common interests to race to sexual orientation -- could gain or lose stakeholders.

    "Obviously at least, at this juncture, Council president Huizar has reached some sort of agreement," Perry said. "This is called transactional politics or patron politics."

    "At its height, it's disrespectful to the people who believe in this process … fully believing that their concerns would be reflected in these maps," said Perry, who has a rally planned for Thursday to voice concerns against the final draft.

    The rally starts at 2:30 p.m. at St Vibiana's Garden located at 214 S. Main St. The councilwoman said she plans to "create controversy and fight for the residents of this district."

    Eighth District Councilman Bernard C. Parks called the final draft just a "first effort."

    "I think we need to reflect that it's proposed and it's a long way from being completed," Parks said. "I think the committee is completely offline in that they failed to listen to the public."

    "It appears as though people are looking at the Eighth District as though it's a junkyard," said Parks, who has partnered with Perry to create an alternative draft they hope will trump the one released Wednesday.

    "I think when it's all said and done, those who are doing outright political grabs will suffer for it," he said.

    The proposal will be officially presented to the public at a 4 p.m. meeting Wednesday.

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