Measure Q: Huntington Beach in a Towering Battle

City to vote on whether to allow cell phone towers in parks.

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    Unsightly cell phone tower in a park, or better cell phone reception -- which would you choose?

    Well that's the question before residents in Huntington Beach when they vote on Measure Q.  It asks if private wireless communication facilities (i.e. cell phone towers) should be permitted in city-owned parks.

    Cell Phone Tower to be Voted on in Huntington Beach

    [LA] Cell Phone Tower to be Voted on in Huntington Beach
    This election day citizens of Huntington Beach will vote on Measure Q, which proposes banning a cellphone tower near an elementary school. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2010)

    It really boils down to a battle between T-Mobile and some activist residents. Back in 2009, according to the city, T-Mobile could build two towers -- one in Harbour View Park and one in Bolsa View Park. Harbour View Park, by the way, is right next door to Harbour View Elementary. When residents complained about possible health effects to kids, the project was quashed.

    But T-Mobile fought back and filed a federal lawsuit against Surf City. According to the company, city officials broke their contract and were preventing them from providing competitive cell phone service.

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    The city's answer to this suit -- put the matter before the voters.  Election Day is Nov. 2 and a trial about the cell towers is scheduled for Nov. 9.