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Barry Bonds Supporters Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Build "Barry Bronze" Statue

Barry Bonds holds up his new San Francisco Giants jersey at a news conference at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, Dec. 10, 1992.

Barry Bonds fans are pushing for a "Barry Bronze," an eight-foot statue in honor of the controversial former slugger.

Supporters launched a Kickstarter campaign Thursday and need $60,000 for the project. Organizers said they have a sculptor lined up ready to create the proposed bronze statue. As of Thursday night, they have raised just about $5,400.

No word yet on where this possible statue would be placed.

Hayden Simmons/Kickstarter

Among the rewards offered to those who pledge: for $125, a chance to “vote on the pose we choose for Barry Bronze - Fingers to the sky? Home run swing? You make the call! (Plus t-shirt, sticker & pin)”

The organizer said he came up with the idea after the former San Francisco Giants left fielder was not inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame.