Georgetown Basketball Coaches Investigated for Unprofessional Conduct

Head Coach Keith Brown and Assistant Coach Tim Valentine were placed on administrative leave

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    Two Georgetown University women's basketball coaches are being investigated for unprofessional conduct and use of inappropriate language, according to a statement from the university.

    Head Coach Keith Brown and Assistant Coach Tim Valentine were placed on administrative leave as the university completes its investigation, which was prompted two weeks ago.

    Former Player Defends Georgetown Basketball Coach

    [DC] Former Player Defends Georgetown Basketball Coach
    A former captain of Georgetown's women's basketball team defended head coach Keith Brown, who is accused of "unprofessional conduct and inappropriate language." (Published Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2013)

    Monica McNutt, a former Hoya basketball player and captain said she thinks the allegations are unfounded. 

    "This is crazy," McNutt said. "This is disgruntled folks who are no longer with the program or someone who wasn't able to have a face-to-face conversation to resolve these issues internally. It's very unfortunate."

    During her time with the team, Brown was an assistant coach. She admits her former coach was "in-your-face."

    "He's loud. People around the Big East, officials, knew that he was loud," McNutt said. "But he wasn't going to lie to you. He was going to give you the truth, he was going to deliver it, and do whatever needed to be done to win. It was never at the expense of his players. He's all about his players, basketball and Georgetown."

    A statement from the university read, in part, "We are taking steps to ensure this investigation proceeds expeditiously, thoroughly and fairly. It is important to the investigation for students, coaches, and staff to participate openly and honestly, and we have encouraged them to do so..."

    According to the university, the team is continuing regular practices under the leadership of assitant coaches.

    McNutt told News4 the situation is not like that of former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice, fired for his verbal and physical abuse of players.

    "We're talking about a guy who's very passionate about what he does," McNutt said.