Oops: Mural Mistake Shows Lindbergh at Wrigley

A 1927 photograph of Lindbergh was actually taken when he visited the White Sox home

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    The 100th birthday celebration for Wrigley Field. Anthony Ponce reports. (Published Wednesday, April 23, 2014)

    Charles Lindbergh may or may not have ever landed at the wrong airport, but it turns out a photo of him landed at the wrong Chicago baseball park.

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    A 1927 photograph of Lindbergh is included on a mural at Wrigley Field commemorating the 100th anniversary of the ballpark. But the Chicago Cubs say the picture was actually taken when the famed aviator visited the White Sox home at the time, Comiskey Park.

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    When gathering photographs from outside archives to mark the anniversary season, the picture of Lindbergh was incorrectly labeled being taken at Wrigley, not Comiskey.

    Team spokesman Julian Green says Friday that the team is planning to fix the mural to make it historically accurate.